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MassFaces is a useful program that allows the user to download any video from their friends' timelines. All you have to do is create an account for the program and then simply double click on the videos that you would like to download.

The only option given to the user is the ability to choose which folder the videos will be downloaded to. All videos will be saved in MP4 format to the folder of your choosing. MassFaces is a useful app for any Facebook user who would like to save videos that their friends post online. In a matter of seconds those videos can be on your hard drive.

- MassFaces is Windows 10 Ready.
- MassFaces had to be reconstructed/rewritten internally to adapt to the current Facebook API v2.4 of Mark Zuckerberg.
- New prerequisite for users with Windows XP or Vista: MassFaces now needs Internet Explorer 8 (or higher) installed in the computer for the application can run and load Facebook API technology into our application, because our new internal engine is based in some libraries only availables in this and higher versions of Internet Explorer.
- Added "Download Recommended Tools" item in Help menu to facilitate the download of some useful third-party components that complement MassFaces.
- Added some minor help text notes about compatibility of drag and drop links from installed Internet Explorer 9 or later and Microsoft Edge browsers that is shown when necessary and detected in Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
- Improved separated support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.
- Improved several issues for video extraction algorithm and library.
- Improved other several internal issues.
- Important issues about drag and drop links from Microsoft Edge: The new Microsoft Edge of Windows 10 lacks some good legacy implementations of Internet Explorer, and currently does not enable drag and drop links outside of the browser to an external desktop app window like MassFaces or others by COM based object, so this web browser is not supported currently by MassFaces to do this. We recommend install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to drag and drop YouTube links to MassFaces window successfully.
- Important issues about drag and drop links from Internet Explorer 9 or later: If you use any of these versions of this browser, first run this browser as administrator (right click on Internet Explorer icon and select "Run as Administrator") to MassFaces window can accept dragged YouTube links from this browser successfully.
- Fixed and rewritten Facebook Accounts technology due to current Facebook API changes
- Fixed and rewritten Find Facebook User ID technology and tool due to current Facebook API changes. From now you need first login with your Facebook account into MassFaces to get any user/profile ID, otherwise will not work.
- Fixed several bugs in video downloads due to current Facebook API changes.
- Fixed some char encodings extraction in video titles.
- Fixed many other problems due to current Facebook API changes.
- Fixed serveral bugs and errors discovered in previous versions.

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